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About Us

Who We Are?

Solumed AG is a SWISS company based in Dällikon, in the canton of Zurich since 2018.
We design, manufacture, and market high-performance and innovative first aid equipment.
Our unique and exclusive range of emergency systems in Switzerland guarantees you the best possible solutions in case of an accident in your company. The company has developed the skills and knowledge of managers with extensive experience in first aid. You can rest assured the safety of your employees is in good hands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives by providing innovative emergency solutions tailored for the modern-day workplace.

Our Values


We believe in maintaining the highest levels of transparency. Our emphasis on transparency is reflected in everything that we do – from our communication with our clients to our work ethic.


Unlike other companies looking for quick money, we believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients. Meeting our clients’ requirements is the bare minimum and ensuring you are delighted with our services.


We believe in constantly innovating and exploring opportunities to improve existing emergency solutions. Our emphasis on innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors.


We believe in adapting our solutions to the distinct needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in accurately assessing the needs of your workplace and making sure that the solution is customized to meet all those needs.

A Promising Career Trajectory

We are a growing company that is always on the lookout for emerging talent. By joining our team, you will get the opportunity to work and connect with industry professionals and to further upgrade your skillset. At Solumed AG, we believe in empowering and supporting our employees to the fullest. Drop your resume or CV for our HR experts to determine if you are the right fit.

Your security is our priority

Get In Touch With Us

+41 44 524 58 94

Langwiesenstrasse 7,
CH-8108 Dällikon (ZH)