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With L.H.S. you have

An expert first aid solution

During accidents, it sometimes happens that in a panic you do the wrong things and make the wrong decisions. With the L.H.S. you followed the protocol and you will be well assisted.

Rescue teams are faster at the scene of an accident

The L.H.S. is equipped to connect you more quickly to the rescue center. Thanks to this, the ambulance will arrive faster at the accident site.

Solumed Software and Application

Solumed guarantees its software, stable, ergonomic and fast. you will not be disturbed when in use.

Creation, swiss development

The L.H.S. is a Swiss quality product. Innovative technologies and high-quality materials characterize this solution developed in Switzerland

Why You Need LHS

The L.H.S. is the real first Swiss emergency management system for companies. It is a solution developed in partnership with people from the rescue center and business owners. It is connected and may be registered with the 144 emergency call center or other rescue centers.

The L.H.S. Will

Assists You

When faced with an emergency, you don’t want to freeze or panic. The LHS assists you in making the right decisions while the paramedics arrive, greatly improving the chances of recovery and survival.

Informs You

You will be informed of the best possible steps to take under a variety of emergency situations. Our network of first aid professionals will be available at all times to respond to any of your questions.

Trains You

You will have access to a library of pre-installed tutorials in 4 different languages. Your employees will no longer be clueless and be aware of all the first aid steps to follow before the emergency happens.

Adapts To Your Need

Unlike most solutions available in the market, ours is customized to meet your unique needs. Both the first aid equipment and the tutorials are created after assessing the requirements of your workplace.

Features Of LHS

More than just a First Aid Solution

Connection To 144

With Touchscreen

Elegant Solution

Over 25 Videos

Intuitive Software

LED Signal For Night

Custom Equipment

5 Automatic Drawers

High Quality Sound

Professional Phone

First Aid Equipment

A Professional Tablet

App Dedicated To First Aid

Stable Computer System

French, German, Italian, English

Our basic offer is from

89 CHF per month

Developed in Switzerland with an elegant design and complete first aid equipment, the LHS is the most affordable customized solution for your company.

Your security is our priority

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